Tidal Tank knows that leak-free containment is of the greatest importance when dealing with the storage of hazardous materials. We also understand the environmental consequences, health concerns, delays, and costs that can arise when containment is compromised, and that our customers rely on us to provide them with superior rental equipment. That is why Tidal Tank adheres to the strictest quality control and quality assurance procedures in the tank rental industry.

One such procedure is the water testing of watertight tanks prior to their rental to our customers. Our facility is equipped with a sophisticated testing area in which a tank can be isolated from the rest of our inventory, rapidly filled, and then inspected without restriction from all angles. Before every rental, each tank is filled to capacity with water and allowed to sit in order to simulate its industrial purpose. It is then meticulously checked for any evidence of leaking or seepage.

Only after a tank has successfully passed all of our testing and evaluation procedures is it allowed to leave our facility for our customer’s use. This gives us and our customers the assured confidence that whatever they store in one of our tanks stays in the tank until the job is done.