TidalTrak Software

Tidal Tank maximizes efficiency in asset management through state-of-the-art computerized tracking software called TidalTrak, which eliminates the delays incurred when coordinating transportation companies, rental tank suppliers, lay down yards, washout facilities, incinerator facilities, and environmental regulations. Often schedule conflicts occur and are compounded by both oversights due to no single up-to-date source for all tank locations and contents, and from the lack of overall accountability when using several individual companies. These problems cause delays that could result in compliance fees and in extended rental durations, which add up to significantly increased expense.

TidalTrak makes it simple to report even the most demanding information with outstandingly detailed data. TidalTrak uses satellite tracking to provide our customers with real-time data on the location, contents, department specific renter, schedule, compliance requirements, and other necessary information for each rental piece, all of which is accessible on-line to every party involved.

With our Total Tank Management System and TidalTrak software, when an order is taken either verbally or electronically, it is transmitted via satellite to a driver’s handheld unit in the field. The driver picks up the tank, scanning its unique barcode so that information is relayed through TidalTrak, and then carries out the specific task required. Tidal Tank also provides our customer’s Hazardous testing teams with a satellite linked hand scanner so that they can update hazardous identity directly to TidalTrak and set the necessary parameters for 90 day compliance reminders. Tidal Tank can then alert our customers of impending compliance issues and prevent environmental compliance fees.

Between increasing the efficiency of rentals and eliminating delays, oversights, and fees by using TidalTrak, Tidal Tank can significantly reduce the man hours and costs associated with tank rentals and waste management.