Quality Program

At Tidal Tank, “quality” is not a term used lightly when talking about the tanks, equipment, and services we provide. To us, “quality” means supplying a product or service that goes beyond expectation and not only surpasses standards but sets a new standard for performance and reliability. With this in mind, to ensure that each tank we rent, every time we rent it, meets not only industry and customer requirements but also our own rigorous measure of quality, we impose our Quality Program.

Tidal Tank’s Quality Program consists of a thorough hands-on inspection procedure guided by strict policies and a detailed checklist of required criteria. It is intended to give our customers the assurance and peace of mind that our products are safe, leak free, and maintenance free, protecting employees, contractors, the environment, the public, and our customer’s liability.

Our Quality Program is carried out on each tank before its delivery. If a single criterion is determined to be unsatisfactory, the tank is suspended from rental until it has been completely repaired and reevaluated. The checklist of our procedure includes:

  • Ensuring that the container is completely clean.
  • Visually inspecting for any punctures, cracks, or warping to the vessel.
  • Checking that all moving parts are functioning smoothly and lubricating, repairing, or replacing those that are not.
  • Visually inspecting gaskets for any cuts, cracks, or gouges and replacing the gasket if any are discovered.
  • Ensuring gasket seal area is clean.
  • Visually inspect latches, tie-downs, hooks, chains, and any other fasteners for complete functionality.
  • Ensuring that all necessary warning and notification stickers are present on the container.
  • Checking for proper equipment number and bar code.
  • Ensuring that all manways, valves, plugs, and fittings both open and seal properly.
  • Water Test all watertight vessels for any leaks or seeping.
  • Checking many additional criteria specific to each type of tank.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional information requests regarding our Quality Program.