Upstream Fracturing
Tasks: Upstream Fracturing

Natural gas and oil is often trapped in very tight and compact shale layers deep underground. In order to facilitate the gas to flow under its own pressure, the formation must be fractured. Tidal Tank's Frac Tanks were originally designed for the purpose of injecting large volumes of liquid deep underground by huge pumping systems in an effort to fracture the rock formations. Frac Tanks offer large storage capacities so that a series of tanks can supply the hundreds of thousands of gallons of water, diesel, sand, and other materials necessary for the job.

Our Frac Tanks feature smooth-wall, 180° round bottoms for easier and more effective tank cleaning. Tidal Tank is a pioneer of this round bottom design, which also make our Frac Tanks more efficient when depleting their contents quickly, such as during the fracturing process. Frac Tanks offer 21,000 gallon liquid storage capacities. The heavy-duty construction of each tank makes our products strong and durable while our rigorous Quality Program and Water Testing ensure consistent, leek-free and quality function of each tank through repeated rentals.

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