Unit Feed Out for Shut Down
Tasks: Unit Feed Out for Shut Down

Periodically in many plants it becomes necessary to shutdown and feed out one or more processing units. Some common examples are when the unit requires a retrofit or maintenance, or when the unit must be purged in preparation for a different specific chemical to be processed. Several of Tidal Tank's products are suited for use during such processes.

Our 21,000 gallon, round-bottom Frac Tanks may be used to store material drained from the unit that can be reintroduced after the shutdown for startup. The 180° round-bottom design of our Frac Tanks ensure effective and rapid recovery of all the material stored within.

Depending on the degree of refinement or purity of the material drained and reserved from the unit, our Stainless Tank Trailers may be used in place of the Frac Tank. The Stainless Tank Trailer ensures against contaminating the stored material with residue or impurities if it is of a highly refined quality. Tidal Tank's Stainless Tank Trailers are mobile when full and offer 7,000 gallons of liquid storage.

Additionally, when the shutdown and feedout process requires machinery, vessels, or lines to be cleaned prior to being worked on, our Poly Tanks may serve to mix and store concentrated cleaning solutions. Tidal Tank's Poly Tanks offer up to 6,500 gallons of liquid storage capacity. Our Stainless Tank Trailers and Frac Tanks can also be used during Chemical Cleaning.

All of our tanks may be used in combination with Tidal Tank's Spill Containment Berms in order to prevent any incidental spills from reaching the environment. Constructed using thick, heavy-duty, and chemical resistant polyethylene material, our Berms are easy to set up and are a superior way to ensure safety and the environmental integrity of any chemical cleaning project when storing, using, or removing hazardous materials.

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