Tasks: Turnaround

Plant Turnarounds are often complex and large-scale operations that involve multiple tasks including Chemical Cleaning, Unit Feedout & Shutdown, Tank Cleaning, disposal of Plant Contaminated Waste, Hydro Excavation, Heavy Equipment Excavation, or Catalyst Change. Several of Tidal Tank's products may be utilized during turnaround process for multiple specific tasks.

Our rugged, 21,000 gallon, round-bottom Frac Tanks may be used to store raw materials during the turnaround process if a unit feedout is required. Frac Tanks can also function to store contaminated liquid waste until disposal such as spent cleaning solution. Tidal Tank's Vacuum Boxes are watertight and offer 25 cubic yards of storage volume. Vacuum Boxes may be used in combination with vacuum trucks or stationary pumps to store and dispose of spent catalyst or hydro excavated material depending on the specific details and needs of the turnaround.

If any materials containing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) need to be stored or disposed of, our Metal Lid Boxes are well suited for the task. Metal Lid Boxes offer 25 cubic yards of watertight and airtight storage. Our tanks are constructed with solid tops, containing two gasket-sealed lids and they are rigorously maintained using our Quality Program and Water Testing between each rental to ensure safe, leak-free containment of VOC's.

Tidal Tank's Poly Tanks are often utilized when chemical cleaning is a necessity of the turnaround process. They provide up to 6,500 gallons of liquid storage for mixing and storing chemical cleaning solutions. Our Stainless Tank Trailers are also suited to store cleaning solutions. They may also be used to store de-mineralized water and other products that might be rendered unusable if contaminated in storage by prior product or by rust scale. Stainless Tank Trailers are rust-free and offer 7,000 gallon storage capacity with the most residue resistant interior surface available.

When chemicals or polymers must be mixed onsite for the turnaround process, our 21,000 gallon Mix Tanks provide large vessels equipped with four internal, high power mixers. Tidal Tank's Mix Tanks may also serve to store liquid solutions that require periodic or constant agitation to prevent solids from forming deposits on the bottom of the storage vessel.

Turnaround jobs typically produce a large volume of trash that is often contaminated and must be disposed of safely. Tidal Tank's 25 cubic yard Roll-Off Boxes are watertight and feature roll-over, waterproof tarp covers. They are designed to prevent any contamination from the trash contained from escaping the box before it is taken to a waste facility. Hoppers, plant trash containers, and other smaller vessels may also be used in combination with the Roll-off box to safely and effectively manage the trash produced.

All of our tanks may be used in combination with Tidal Tank's Spill Containment Berms in order to prevent any incidental spills from reaching the environment.  Constructed using thick, heavy-duty, chemical resistant polyethylene material, our Berms are easy to set up and are a superior way to ensure safety and the environmental integrity of any chemical cleaning project when storing, using, or removing hazardous materials.

As with all of Tidal Tank's rental products, each tank is extensively evaluated using our Quality Program and Water Testing procedures to ensure consistent and dependable function prior to every turnaround rental.

* Please Contact one or our knowledgeable sales representatives for any questions, ordering arrangements, further information or for details that relate to your specific needs and requirements. Thank you.