Chemical Cleaning
Tasks: Chemical Cleaning

Many chemical cleaning operations require one vessel to mix and store cleaning chemicals and may also require a second vessel to store and dispose of spent solution.  Tidal Tank offers a variety of tanks to serve in these capacities.

One typical application of our rental products during chemical cleaning jobs would be the use of a Poly Tank as the mixing area and as storage for the cleaning agent. The tank may be filled via vacuum truck or stationary pump with chemical cleaning solutions such as high concentration sulfuric acid. Poly Tanks offer up to 6,500 gallons of stationary, temporary liquid storage.

Tidal Tank's Stainless Tank Trailers may be used similarly to store chemical cleaning solutions. Though bulkier than our Poly Tank, Stainless Tank Trailers offer up to 7,000 gallons of liquid storage that is also mobile when full. These tanks are ideal when cleaning in several locations or in broader areas where mobility is an asset or a necessity.

For mixing chemical solutions or polymers that require heavy agitation or constant circulation, Tidal Tank's Mix Tanks provide 21,000 gallons of liquid capacity complete with four heavy-duty, high power mixers, each with multiple internal impellers.

Often during chemical cleanings, the drainage of spent cleaning solutions is either restricted due to location or is unsafe due to environmentally hazardous properties of the resulting material. Our Frac Tanks may be used in combination with a vacuum truck or a stationary pump to store up to 21,000 gallons of spent solution until it can be safely disposed of.

All of our tanks may be used in combination with Tidal Tank's Spill Containment Berms in order to prevent any incidental spills from reaching the environment. Constructed using thick, heavy-duty, and chemical resistant polyethylene material, our Berms are easy to set up and are a superior way to ensure safety and the environmental integrity of any chemical cleaning project when using or removing hazardous materials.

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