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Roll-Off Box

Our Roll-Off Boxes offer up to 25 cubic yards of storage capacity and feature roll-over, waterproof tarp covers to safely isolate and protect contents stored from the environment. Tidal Tank utilizes heavy-duty designs, materials, and construction methods when engineering our Roll-Off Boxes specifically to withstand the rigors of repeated industrial rentals.

Our Roll-off Boxes offer watertight containment from gasket sealed rear doors. Each box is tested between rentals to ensure they remain leak-free. Roll-Off Boxes are fully mobile, even when full.  From excavated dirt and sludge to waste and debris from demolition, to plant waste and other materials, Tidal Tank's Roll-Off Boxes are ideal for many industrial tasks.

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Mounted Tarp Roll-Off Box
Dimensions: Overall:
22'-11" long (21'-8" inside), 99" wide (88"), 5'-5" high
Pick Up:
Standard cable with 2 x 6 x 1/4 rails, gusset at each crossmember
Door Latch:
4 independent ratchet binders with chains, vertical second latch
Extruded rubber seal with metal retainers
Full opening side rolling tarp with 5 bows
Closed top available
3/16 plate with push plates
1/4 plate one piece
3 x 4.1 channel 12" on center
3/16 plate solid welded with tubing top rail, inside liner hooks
3/16 plate with tubing frame
(4) each 10 DIA x 9 long with grease fittings
All welds continuous (watertight) except substructure crossmembers
Full capacity static testing

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