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Poly Tanks

Poly Tanks are a standard in the industry for chemical cleaning jobs and are used to store highly concentrated cleaning solutions including acidic solutions such as highly concentrated sulfuric acid. During other jobs in which chemical cleaning needs to be done such as tank cleaning, unit feed out for shut down, and during turnarounds, Poly Tanks store concentrated chemical cleaning solutions until they are needed for cleaning duties.

Tidal Tank's Poly Tanks are constructed using see-through polyethylene, not the opaque material that competing tank suppliers use. This offers an advantage to our clients.  When using one of our Poly Tanks, it is easy to clearly monitor the amount of liquid remaining in the tank. Our tanks also offer added safety through permanently attached ladders, eliminating the danger of leaning an independent ladder against the side of a curved surface when attaching equipment such as filling hoses to the top of the tank.

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6,500 Gallon Flat Bottom Poly Tank
Overall: 8'-6" diameter, 15' high
High density polyethylene
Temperature Limit:
80% Sulfuric Acid concentration maximum (100°F max temp)
Top 4" PVC adapter and cap, top mounted 24' manway
(2) 4" Butterfly, Viton O-ring
2" PVC U-vent

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