#1 Choice for storage and Frac Tank Rental

Tidal Tank is the #1 solution to all of your storage and frac tank rental needs. We are a tank rental specialist, committed to providing high-quality equipment and efficient asset management. Our proprietary tracking and management system offers our clientele the most effective tank rental and waste management system.

Every piece of superior equipment we provide is tailored to our customers’ essential needs. Tanks are engineered to be durable, dependable, and simply the most effective product line in the field. With the industry’s most rigorous evaluation and maintenance program we guarantee efficient, reliable, and safe function through extended and repeated use.

Tidal Tank pioneered the smooth-wall, 180° round-bottom Frac Tank with a fixed rear axle for complete mobility. Eliminating the bottom seams, corners, and crevices in which material can accumulate makes cleaning our tanks easier, safer, and simply more effective.

Tidal Tank invented TidalTrak, our software program which streamlines communication between tank providers, transportation, waste disposal, and management using advanced satellite tracking and online reporting to provide a broad and accurate scope of operations.